Carl Whitaker for Tennessee Governor 2006 -

      I would like to personally thank every Tennessean who honored me with their vote. We gave it a very good run and we should be proud for a good effort. While this may be the end of this year's elections, this is by no means the end of my involvement in the public arena here in Tennessee. Those issues which I believe in and fight for will be the same issues I will continue to pursue in the future.
      There are some great things still yet to come for Conservative Tennesseans: my involvement as the Director of the Tennessee Volunteer Minutemen will continue and we will be picking up the pace in calling to accountability those who seek to hire illegals and pursuing those illegals to bring them to the attention to the law.
      As well, during this campaign it has been expressed the desire for a solid third party, a party for those disenfranchised by the Democrat and Republican parties who seem to think that they are the only parties from which we have a choice. This concept is WRONG! and is against American Principals of Freedom. Tennesseans as well as all Americans should have a choice. There are plans in the making for a good conservative party that will provide an honorable, moral option to the corruption and deception that is all too common in the establishment.
      The Jefferson Republican Party, I feel, will be the best option for the future of America to have a choice and who desire a return to the ideas and principals that were key to the Founding Fathers who established the Federal Republic which was for so long the protection of American freedoms and that has been for some time now, manipulated, twisted and used deceptively against Americans to become something entirely different, causing the many problems we face today.
      More information is to follow, but if you are interested in getting in at the grassroots of this party, please VISIT THE JEFFERSON REPUBLICAN PARTY WEBPAGE and sign up to receive party news and website updates, to keep you updated on this new party.
      Life is an adventure, this loss is all apart of a much greater journey and I look forward to moving on. I especially would like to thank those campaign Volunteers who gave so much of their time and their money, to see that I had the best race possible. You all mean so much to me and I look forward to working with you in the future.
Thanks again everyone for all your hard work,

God bless you all,
My friends: Shamit Khemka , options offered on site



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